Writer, Digital Storyteller, Face-to-Face & Online Educator, Curriculum Designer, Technology & Learning Troubleshooter

Whether troubleshooting the first fiber-optic cables in Southern California in the mid-1980s, teaching sixth-grade second language learners in the mid-1990s, or teaching educators how to leverage technology in their classrooms in the late 2000s, I used my listening skills to help find a way to achieve what was needed. My expertise is in assessing complex circumstances and finding the words or media to make the data more readily understandable.


Writing - News/Editorial (Adv.)

When I earned my BA in journalism I wrote for the entertainment section of the student paper and became comfortable encapsulating the gist of the media I was reviewing, communicating what worked without giving away the story. Over the years I've employed this skill continuing to review media, but more often than not commenting on technology products or trends.

Writing - Creative Writing (Adv.)

I've been writing short stories, poems and songs since my teenage years. I am actively working on several longer writing projects.

Writing - Online Media, Blogging (Expert)

I've been blogging and posting content and media online since my first LiveJournal blog in the early 2000s, switching to WordPress in 2004.

Presentation Skills (Adv.)

Besides the daily process of delivering curriculum and facilitating learning via presentation and interaction that I've enjoyed since I began teaching in 1995, I've been fortunate enough to have shared subjects important to me at Macworld in San Francisco (2012: Disruptive Ed-Tech: Mobile Technology Invasion of the Classroom) and Barcamp Orlando 2015 (Education in the Age of the Technologist).

Instructional Design (Adv.)

I have been creating curriculum materials and designing learning modules since my earliest teaching experiences beginning in 1995, when my district's designated textbooks and curriculum proved ineffective and insufficient to the learning needs of my sixth­-grade second-language learners. Based on learning goals and objectives outlined in my state's frameworks I created work-booklets, found and presented appropriate literature and media. As the technology improved I moved my units and lessons to online content management systems and web-pages. Teaching at the masters and undergraduate levels fully­-online from 2008 to 2014, I learned how to best use the school's online learning platform, combining text, media, interactive video conferencing, and blogging to create learning communities/cadres to boost course effectiveness.

Educator/Teacher (Expert)

I spent 13-years working as a public school teacher in California, working three-years as a 6th grade teacher, three-years as a teacher-in-special-assignment creating and teaching a school-wide video journalism program, four-years as a computer lab teacher working with kindergarten through fifth grade students, finishing teaching technology and media in a middle-school computer lab to sixth to eighth grade students. I then spent six-years creating curriculum and teaching educators enrolled in a master's online degree program.

Ed Tech (Expert)

Since beginning my teaching career in 1995 I had been the technology go-to-person in every position I've held, I've been the site-coordinator, I've represented my site at the district level and I've received formal training in Educational Technology, earning a Masters Degree at Pepperdine (2002) and doing doctoral studies also at Pepperdine (2004-2009).

Teaching - Assessments (Adv.)

Part of creating curriculum and working with different populations and learning needs, required that I develop a certain level of understanding how to create appropriate and effective assessments to help analyze the learning and determine the next course of action to take.

Teaching - Collaboration (Expert)

Whether working with sixth-­grade second-­language learners in Southern California or masters students online spread all over the world or my own learning experience in my online masters and online doctoral studies, I believe the learning experience is all the more powerful the more students are authentically brought into each other's learning process and experiences.

Teaching - Curriculum Development (Expert)

Working with different populations where existing curriculum didn't work and adapting to improving technology motivated me to create learning materials and curriculum to address the learning needs of my students.

Teaching - Multiple Intelligences (Expert)

My experiences teaching younger learners with varying language skills and life experiences and the explosion of image/media technology has given me the opportunity to attempt to match my students' learning styles and create materials that address their strengths. The right tool for the right job makes it better and more efficient for everyone.

Teaching - Online and Distance Learning (Expert)

I've experienced online education as both a student and instructor for the past 15-years. From 2008 to 2014 I helped create, implement, deliver instruction and maintain Full Sail University's online EMDT & IDT Master's degree programs as a course director/professor.

Photography (Int.)

I've been using photography as part of my storytelling process as the technology improved enough to include images with words. I've posted my work on my flickr site for years and recently began to post my still and video photography on my own site at http://jbbsmediaprojects.com

Editing - Video/Film (Int.)

I have been producing video projects since my undergraduate journalism degree in the late 1980s. I began teaching video-journalism in my student-teacher training in 1994 and used video-journalism PSA teams to promote literacy with my second-language learners from 1995 to 1998. From 1998 to 2001 I taught, supervised and edited videos produced as part of Furgeson Academy of Communication and Technology's video journalism program. I have continued to created videos as part of my learning and personal projects.

Troubleshooting (Adv.)

Technology, learning challenges, communicating complex ideas---­­­my years as a communications technician, growing up experiencing different cultural expectations has afforded me the opportunity to develop a problem-solving/analytical approach to any situation.

Computer Hardware and Maintenance (Adv.)

Designed, assisted installation and maintained Macintosh computers for 30-classrooms, computer lab, video-studio and school site network, 1998-2001; Assisted installation and maintained 30-seat PC computer lab, created and maintained Novell folder/file student population shares, 2001-2005; Maintained 30-seat Macintosh computer lab, created and maintained Appleshare folder/file for lab, 2005-2008; Assisted peer technology troubleshooting and technology purchase recommendations, 2008-2014.

Operating System - Windows, Apps, Networking (Adv.)

Maintaining classroom technology has traditionally fallen to the teacher, and I have been keeping my classroom PCs of varying vintages running and assisting peers in unofficial and official capacities since my first teaching assignment in 1995. Whether it's software installation, networking, purchasing recommendations or basic troubleshooting, I've been the go­to person before the official technicians were called.

Operating System - Macintosh, iOS, Apps, Networking (Adv.)

I've been working with Mac OS since OS9 and iOS since before it was given it's own designation. Whether it's software installation, networking, purchasing recommendations or basic troubleshooting, I've been the go-to person before the official technicians were called.


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Educator, STEAM Lab/Certificated, HP Fitzgerald Elementary, Clark County SD, Las Vegas NV, August 2016-Present

Duties (summary): Created and adjusted curriculum, taught all grades (K-5) in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math using zSpace Windows-based 3D workstations and a classroom set (18) iPads. Collaborated with zSpace to improve curriculum offerings.


  • Setup, organized and maintained 12 zSpace Windows-based 3D workstations, including installing, organizing and maintaining software applications. Organizing, troubleshooting and manage associated styluses for zSpace workstations, Active 3D glasses, passive 3D glasses, mice, and headphones.
  • Setup, create and maintain classroom LMS (Schoology) to best share, supervise and maintain evidence of student work.
  • Teach technology using CODE.ORG, blockly-games.appspot.com/, scratch.mit.edu and pbskids.org/scratchjr
  • Teach engineering/robotics using LEGO Mindstorms EV3, LEGO WeDo and associated applications Teach science using zSpace proprietary applications: zSpace Studio, zSpace Newton's Park, zSpace Franklin's Lab
  • Teach art using iPads and notes.app (drawing), Animation Desk™ Premium by Kdan Mobile Software and Plastic Animation Studio by Digital Video S.p.A. (animation),  and zSpace Studio (sculpting).
  • Organize and manage Fitzgerald's First LEGO League Robotics after-school team (4th & 5th graders).

Facilitator, Full Sail Labs, Full Sail University, Orlando FL, May 2015-August 2016

Helped create and implement week-long theme-based instruction & exploration in video-making, game programming, recording arts & robotics with 7 to 12 year olds, & Challenge-Based Learning with high school students, and After-School instruction.

Reasons for Leaving: Opportunity to create a unique ed-tech learning experience using cutting edge 3D technology at the elementary school level.

Professor/Course Director - Instructional Design Technology & EMDT Masters Programs, Full Sail University, Orlando FL, 2008-2014

Duties (Summary): Created and taught online Masters’ courses on principles of graphic design & instructional design, media, online collaboration, leadership, blogging, and copyright to educators, corporate trainers, & content creators.


  • Course Creation, Design and Implementation of EDM613: Media Asset Creation
  • Facilitate Online Instruction and management for EDM613: Media Asset Creation
  • Facilitate Online Instruction and course management for EDM532: Emergent Technologies in a Collaborative Culture
  • Facilitate Online Instruction and course management for DGL: Digital Literacy (Undergrad Month 1 University Intro Course)
  • Facilitate Online Instruction and course management for MDL: Mastery (Graduate Month 1 University Intro Course)
  • Assist EMDTMS Program Director, Course Directors and Course Directors for other EMDTMS with Mac OS, blogging platforms, online media posting and other course responsibilities.
  • Reason for Leaving: Position ended/Laid-off.

Educator, Technology & Media/Certificated, DeMille Middle School, Long Beach USD, Long Beach CA, 2005 – 2008

Duties (summary): Taught journalism, yearbook and technology to 6th-8th graders.


  • Set-up, managed, and maintained 38-station computer lab running Apple Macintosh OS9 and assisted with school site technology running OS9, Windows 98/XP
  • Implemented and continued to develop Introductory Computer & Print Media Computer curriculum, coordinated with a fellow computer lab teacher, to support student projects using AppleWorks, MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, & Excel), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Typing Tutor (keyboarding) and Internet research.
  • Technology Coordinator: Assisted the department head and helped represent the school site at district level meetings with District’s Director of Educational Technology
  • Reasons for Leaving: Opportunity to teach at the University level. School shut down and converted to vocational high school 2010

Educator, Computer Lab/Certificated/Site Tech Coordinator, Twain Elementary, Long Beach USD, Long Beach CA, 2001 – 2005

Duties (summary): Taught all students (K-5th grade) technology units integrated with their classroom curriculum. Maintained school website/online PTA publication with monthly updates.


  • Set-up, managed, and maintained 42-station computer lab and school site technology (one to five networked computers per 40 classrooms), running Windows 98/XP and Novell network operating system
  • Developed computer lab curriculum, coordinated with classroom teachers, to support student projects using MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, & Excel), MS Paint, KidPix, Hyperstudio, Type- to-Learn (keyboarding) and Internet research.
  • Conducted staff development on using Groupwise (district e-mail), word processing basics, MS PowerPoint and using the Internet for student research.
  • Created, maintained and edited school website with new school news every month for parents, access to resources for student projects and plans for easy access to tech training and support for teachers: TwainTalkOnline
  • Technology Coordinator: Represented school site at district level meetings with District’s Director of Educational Technology
  • Reason for Leaving: Position ended. Reassigned to different school

Educator, Teacher-in-Special-Assignment/Technology Teacher/Certificated/Site-Tech- Coordinator/Magnet Grant Co-coordinator, Furgeson Elementary, ABC USD, Hawaiian Gardens CA, 1998–2001

Duties (summary): Designed and implemented Federal Magnet Grant to teach video journalism to 5th and 6th grade students and integrated technology and curriculum with the rest of the school.


  • Researched, directed purchasing, installation, & maintenance of all educational technology: computer hardware, software, networking, and video studio technologies for Magnet program Coordinated with district staff, contractors, and Furgeson staff in the installation and maintenance of data/video network, electrical facilities upgrade, phones, and library circulation network
  • Trained & supported Furgeson staff and students in the usage of computer and video technologies:
  • Developed training strategies for video journalism teams (5th grade)
  • Developed procedures for studio production groups (6th grade)
  • Developed resource management system to handle flow of cameras, tapes, teams, editing resources, story assignments and tape archival
  • Developed coordination system to facilitate teacher usage of the studio and video coverage in the classroom
  • Conducted Staff Development in the areas of hardware, software, Internet and basic computer skills
  • Technology Coordinator: Represented school site at district level meetings with District’s Director of Educational Technology
  • Reason for Leaving: Position Ended, Switched positions and school districts.

Educator/Grade 6/Certificated, Furgeson Elementary, ABC USD, Hawaiian Gardens CA, 1995–1998

Duties (summary): Created multimedia social studies/ancient history units & video- journalism/language arts to tech and teamwork to address the needs of low-performing second-language students.


  • Language Arts: Developed Writers’ Workshop program using classroom computer time with Newspaper, Literary Magazine & Video Magazine publication models.
  • Social Studies: Developed curriculum using group literature exploration, individual booklets, video interaction, library & computer research projects.
  • Technology Accessibility: Developed classroom computer rotation which gave a class of thirty students one-hour a week individual computer time.
  • Technology Coordinator: Represented school site at district level meetings when the district was creating its technology plan
  • Reason for Leaving: Assignment change to Teacher-in-Special-Assignment

Educator/Grade 6/Certificated, Juarez Elementary, ABC USD, Cerritos CA, March 1995–June 1995

Duties: Used problem-solving skills to work with diverse group of learners/wide SES spectrum. Reason for Leaving: Temporary contract not renewed.

Communications Technician, Pacific Telephone/Pacific Bell/Pacific Telesis, Irvine CA, 1979–1995

  • Duties: Frame-Technician, El Toro - June - Sept 1979. Sept 1979 - October 1994, FMAC/DNAC-group. Tested installations and maintained voice, data, T-CXR, and fiber-optic systems in local switch centers (Anaheim-Irvine-South Orange County).
  • Reason for Leaving: Early retirement/separation. Career switch to public ed teacher.

Doctoral Studies in Educational Technology, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California, 2004-2009

Doctoral studies in Educational Research, Educational Technology and Online Education. Study discontinued due to expense and failure to maintain GPA after a leave-of-absence.

Master of Arts in Educational Technology, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California, July 2002

Worked in Educational Research, Educational Technology and Online Education.

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Cross-Cultural Language Academic Development Certificate, Chapman University, Orange, California, June 1994

Student-Teaching, elementary education multiple-subjects and CLAD California teaching certificate studies.

Bachelor of Arts, Communications/News-Editorial, California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, California, June 1991

Studied history of journalism, mass media, photography and photo-journalism, several semesters as entertainment reporter with student newspaper - The Daily Titan's Back Pages, internship at the LA Weekly. Continued at CSUF post-­baccalaureate studies Teacher Training/Credential in the Fall 1992, until transferring to Chapman University

Masters Studies in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, 1984-1985

Loved the academic endeavor and exploration of Theology. Study discontinued due to expense and personal life changes.

Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies, Biola University, La Mirada, California, December 1981

Taking personal devotional studies and applying academic university level research to the study of the Bible, ancient civilizations and ancient literature.

Bachelor of Arts studies, Religious Studies, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, 1976-1978

Excellent introduction to research, the Humanities and university education. Transferred to Biola University before earning B.A.


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Teaching Certificate: Temporary Certificate: Elementary Education (Grades K-6), State of Florida Department of Education - Bureau of Educator Certification, 2015-2018

Florida DOE Number: available upon request

Teaching Certificate: Clear Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development Certificate, State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2009-Present

S12 This certificate, when held in conjunction with a prerequisite credential or permit specified in Education Code Section 44253.3, authorizes the holder to provide the following services to limited­ English-­proficient pupils: (1) instruction for English language development in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults, except when the prerequisite credential or permit is a designated subjects adult education teaching credential, a children's center instructional permit, or a children's center supervision permit, in which case instruction for English language development is limited to the programs authorized by that credential or permit; and (2) specially designed content instruction delivered in English in the subjects and at the levels authorized by the prerequisite credential or permit. Education Code Section 442S3.3 includes all credentials and permits that authorize instruction except emergency credentials or permits, college or university internship credentials. District Internship Certificates, Exchange Certificated Employee Teaching Credentials, or Sojourn Certificated Employee Teaching Credentials.

S31B This certificate need not be renewed. The authorization shall remain in force as long as the valid prerequisite credential or permit is held concurrently.

Teaching Certificate: Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Authorized Field: General Subjects (Examination), State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2004-2009

R2M This credential authorizes the holder to teach all subjects in a self­-contained class and, as a self­ contained classroom teacher, to team teach or to regroup students across classrooms, in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults. In addition, this credential authorizes the holder to teach core classes consisting of two or more subjects to the same group of students in grades five through eight, and to teach any of the core subjects he or she is teaching to a single group of students in the same grade level as the core for less than fifty percent of his or her work day.

R21 For each five­-year renewal of this credential, the holder must complete a minimum of 150 clock hours of planned and approved professional growth activities and one-­half or one year of experience as specified in "The California Professional Growth Manual".

Teaching Certificate: Limited Assignment Single Subject Teaching Permit, State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2005-2006

EMPLOYMENT RESTRICTION(S): Restricted to service in LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, LOS ANGELES COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION SUBJECT(S) AND AUTHORIZATION(S): Mathematics (RIS) This document authorizes the holder to teach the subject area(s) listed above in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults.