2015-05 Trip to California - Remembering Creagan

He may have spent the last portion of his life in Arizona, but we grew up in California. So it only seemed fitting that that's where I'd journey to and gather with friends to celebrate his memory and our times together. Previously I'd posted our seminal movie, Come Against The Rain, that we created in our teen years and later I re-edited for Creagan's going away party in 1994. Click HERE to view the movie and spoof documentary and going away party comments. The reason for this trip to California was a sad one, but served to remind me about how important it is to stay connected to the special people in ones life. Alas, I wasn't able to reconnect with everyone that I wanted to, but greatly appreciate the time given to me to visit those I was able to visit. Here's to the memory of my friend, Creagan, besides visiting this beautiful place, I spent most of my time being with friends and family. He always cared about people first. Thanks, buddy.

Carlsbad, CA. Enjoying my beach walk. We spent a good amount of time on the beach. Click on the image to launch interactive 360-degree viewer of the beach.

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