Blame Fail

Daily Random Shit for 2016-03-24

The stupid hurts. I think I'll confront a random Catholic about the inquisition, a random German about World War II, a random Afrikaans about Apartheid, a random Japanese person about the Rape of Nanking, and random twenty-dollar bill about The Trail of Tears... That makes sense.

 media-credit:  @MatthewDoyle31  - Twitter Post by @MatthewDoyle31

media-credit: @MatthewDoyle31 - Twitter Post by @MatthewDoyle31

Follow-Up Conversation:

Neal Campbell: It's kind of crazy that this story is about how people responded on Twitter. The much more important story about that guy and that tweet is that he was ARRESTED for it! To me that's orders of magnitude more of a problem than anything else about that tweet.

Joe Bustillos: Interesting, yeah, that's a bit like arresting a kid on the playground for running around pretending that his fingers are a gun. Things are so out of balance. There's a line in a movie that if being stupid was illegal then I'd have my brother-in-law arrested. Things are definitely out of balance.