Jacob's Ladder moves to WordPress (jsladder.com)


Yeah, it's official, I'm a control-freak. I finally moved my Jacob's Ladder blog from it's LiveJournal roots to it's own domain (jsladder.com) running the WordPress blogging platform. I know, big whoop... I had switched my main blog (lumberingthrulife.com or joebustillos.com) to it's own domain over two years ago and switched to WordPress over a year ago. LiveJournal had served me well for three years but I wanted to be able to control the look of the blog more and embed videos which I wasn't able to do with LiveJournal. Then, when I upgraded my hosting a couple of months ago so that I could get my EdTech blog (JBB's Desktop) back up and running, it dawned on me that I could be doing much more with Jacob's Ladder. So, at the moment I'm moving blog entries over from the LiveJournal site to this one (so don't be too surprised if the last entry is from September of 2005). I'm liking the randomly changing header at the top of the page and color scheme. Drop a comment, let me know what you think. JBB [ED NOTE: 12/11/2008 - Now I'm moving these entries to the main blog as a category, but also with it's own domain name. Fun.] Music: Heartbeat Fading from the album "The Silence" by Pat Terry