With the door to the future now wide open, I thought I'd drop a note to my former worship leader/mentor:

Hey bro,

How goes things? I think the last time we communicated you'd just taken a new job at Orange Coast, or one of the colleges in the West OC area. I hope that that has worked out and that things are going well for you and Michelle. I'm in my second year teaching computers to middle school kids and I have to say that for whatever reason it is 100% better the second year (last year was a real bitch... sorry, no better way to describe the experience). Alas, I'm sorry to say that things at my local Vineyard are not so promising.

We switched pastors last Spring when the former pastor took a teaching job on the East Coast and since then our poor little group has shrunk down to myself, the other worship leader, the pastor, his wife and a rotating group of two to six other souls. On more than one occasion ten O'clock has rolled around and it's just been the four of us.

11-04 GuitarsI've been playing on the worship "team" for the past year and over the summer the other leader and I started rotating Sundays leading (which usually just meant who's turn it was to pick the music because we both tried to play support for each other). Anyway, after lots of prayer and soul-searching I've decided to pack up my electric guitar and begin looking for another fellowship to join.I know that sounds very cold but after talking about connecting with another Vineyard, looking to make our church into more of a "church plant" for months we were still staring at one another and I didn't want to wait until I showed up some Sunday and be the only one to show up. I have learned a lot, and have so much respect for everyone that is required to make a little fellowship happen. The typical Southern California drive-by Christian has no idea. Anyway, I guess I'm looking for a new home (again).

In the meantime (while the Lord does His wonders), I'm thinking of swinging by Newport the next few Sundays (11/12 and/or 11/19)... I know this is probably not really "doable," but I'd really love to "sit in" with the Newport team some Sunday. After working solo or with a 2nd acoustic guitar player you have no idea how much I miss drums and Jonathan's bass (much less all the other vital parts that made working with you guys such a great treat). Anyway, with or without my tele', I'll probably be there the middle two weeks of November. Hope to see you soon, the sojourner still looking for a home, JBB