Getting Lapped and A Question of Time

J. Vernon McGee is going to lap me... ugh. I guess that's the difference between covering a chapter a day and a chapter every couple of weeks. I should be moving much faster than this. [sigh] I was listening to a podcast about the work being done by "open source" programmers and the guy mentioned how these guys usually spend two-hours a night of their own time creating and supporting their programs, just for the love of it. Two-hours a night, I don' t know that I really dedicate that much time to anything... well, except staring at this computer screen thinking about things to write about. It makes me wonder about the things that are meaningful to us and what we spend our lives doing.

Given all the distractions of our "modern lives," I have to wonder how much time people put in to reading and studying their bibles. I know that I really like listening to J. Vernon McGee every day, but I also feel like I need to be doing a deeper study for myself on an ongoing basis. And I'm just this single guy living by myself with no responsibilities. How do others manage this? JBB