"Church" On the Lake

So... Speaking of hanging on by a thread... attendance has been relatively "unstable" since the transition from Pastor A to Pastor B. No surprise there, that's pretty much a fact of life. Granted, it's hard to go from less than twenty and still be "viable" but we do have the promise: "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32 NASB) So when I showed up for church this morning imagine my concern when I rolled up to the YMCA where we meet and found the doors locked and no one about. Ugh. Then I noticed a small note on the door that the facility was going to be closed due to fumigation. As I called my music partner and the pastor, I quickly calculated how long it might take me to go to another Vineyard. Turns out that we were meeting further down the street at a local park. Hmmm, interesting. I know one member has been suggesting for months that we need to pack up our guitars and witness in the park. Ironically, this member was no where to be found this Sunday, now that we're finally in the park.

So, it turned out to be a beautiful morning, and instead of fretting about setting up the PA and such things, Ron and Jody and I spent the hour that we normally spend going over the music just sitting about talking about life. It was a good time. Oh yeah, because I hadn't gotten the message that we'd be in the park, I couldn't use my telecaster and line 6 amp. A quick call was made and Jody's wife brought their son's Taylor guitar and so we did a real unplugged set. Funny thing was that I'd been thinking over the week about getting back to something more acoustic, especially given our lack of drums and bass. Again, it was fun hanging with the guys and just jamming for the most part. JBB

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