Guitar Man, Now in Long Beach

guitar80logoWell, I've done it again. Maybe I shouldn't say "I" in this context. Anyway, a couple weeks ago during a break in the Sunday morning service I walked up to the two guys leading the music and introduced myself. They had been sharing about a conference they'd just gone to the prior weekend and it dawned on me that I had gone to a similar conference the previous October. Somehow I knew what I needed to do. Even though I hadn't settled into the small group fellowship that I wanted to plug into, I decided to offer to help them out doing music on Sunday mornings. So, two Sundays ago I brought my acoustic Ovation and amp. I hadn't used the acoustic guitar in months and pretty much had been using the electric guitar since buying the line-6 amp, but thought that it'd be a bit too much to show up the first time with my electric guitar. It was a good choice but three acoustic guitars... well, I guess I was spoiled working with Keith and the Newport Vineyard group. So this past Sunday I brought the telecaster and line-6 amp. It was a leap of faith and given my over-taxed psyche, I knew that I was pressing myself hard, but I know that it was the right thing to do.

I really liked the song list that Ron came up with this time. Granted it could have been using the acoustic guitar last time, or that I didn't really know most of the songs. Also, one song that I threw into the mix was "Jesus Meet Me," a song that I'd been wanting to play for month in Newport but it never made the cut. So much for hanging in the background. It was tough doing the vocal and pretty much carrying the song, but it really felt good. I need to find the time, reflecting, meditating and praying about all of this. JBB

Music: Jesus Meet Me - Vineyard Music - Holy - Winds of Worship