Mt17 14-21 - Healing & Faith


Matt. 17:14-21 - Healing & FaithIt’s not automatic. Even after they had a “successful” ministry and been given “authority” to heal and drive out demons (Matt. 10:1) they couldn’t heal this individual. Jesus’ frustration is amazing. The NIV’s translation, “How long shall I put up with you?” (vs. 17) is frightening.

In private he explains that they weren’t able to cast out this demon because of their lack of faith. The needed measure of faith is the smallest imaginable, but with that kind of faith Jesus promises that nothing is impossible. Question is what Jesus means by “Faith.” Is it their belief in the power of the God in their lives? Is it their belief that they’ve been given this power to exercise? At the very least it has to do with bridging the gap between understanding something and believing in something enough to make that thing “real.” Faith is not something hidden in ones heart but an energy that empowers one to live in the world one imagines in ones heart. JBB 12/27/2004