Mt11 2-6 - John The Baptist’s Question & Legacy

Matt. 11:2-6 - John The Baptist’s Question & Legacy john-baptistSuffering in prison, John sends his disciples to Jesus looking for reassurance as to who Jesus is. Scant little is given as to the reason for John’s query. Was it his confinement in prison that narrowed his ability to grasp what Jesus was doing? Was it that he didn’t understand the apparent “delay” in Jesus seizing control of Israel? What is most amazing is despite the obvious tremendous strength of John’s faith, despite witnessing the sign of God upon Jesus when he baptized him (Matthew 3:11ff), John still needs to be reassured that Jesus is in fact the one they have been waiting for and the one for whom he was meant to precede. And Jesus’ response is not one of judgment, but he responds in a way that John would clearly understand, using prophecy. See what the prophets foretold and see the works that are being performed in this day. There is a lot of love and respect, but a hint of brotherly correction: “Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me.” JBB 06/02/04