Mt10 40-11:1 - Cost of Discipleship, Part III


Matt. 10:40-11:1 - Cost of Discipleship, Part IIIJesus returns to the reciprocal nature of discipleship by referring to those who care for or recieve his disciples. The honor or blessing of that ones calling is shared by the ones willing to support them in the community, even if it’s just a cup of water (which in some poorer circle is all that a host might be able to offer). The point is the willingness to stand up and be identified with the disciple to the point of sharing ones home. While being a disciple of Christ is a calling that one must respond to, it is not something that one manages alone or in secret. Even or especially in persecution it is within the community that discipleship has true meaning and power.

The context of the previous chapter seems to be the commission of the twelve to spread the new of the kingdom of God. There is some urgency in this commission (with the instructions for the disciple to not “bother” with the Samaritans or Gentiles, (Matt 10:5). Then after finishing his instruction Jesus heads out to continue to teach and preach in Galilee. The implication is that he’s sending the apostles out ahead of him as he goes. But there is a lot in the previous instruction which seems to talk to a different context, not this specific commission, but what their ministry is going to be like after his death and resurrection. The context is this particular commission but the instruction goes far beyond twelve men and their teacher on the dusty roads between Galilean villages. JBB 05/27/2004