Mt10 32-37 - Cost of Discipleship, Continued


Matt. 10:32-37 - Cost of Discipleship, ContinuedJesus’ comments are set in a context of sending out the twelve to share the “Good News” of the Kingdom to the surrounding communities. In these verses he continues to warn that they should not expect a “smooth sailing” response from their listeners, to the point that they will find opposition right within their own homes. While quoting from the Prophets (Micah 7:6), it is a departure from traditional “values” that the cost of discipleship would run right into the traditional belief that the head of the household, the parents, would reign in the spiritual lives of their children. I do not believe that it is God’s “wish” that following Jesus or that belief in Christ requires the dissolution of families as if that were part of the grand plan. But at the same time we are foolish to imagine that those closest to us will just readily accept this call in our lives. As much as there is value to the structure and safety of the family, when it comes to family versus the call of Christ in our lives our value to our families is bankrupt without living within that call. JBB 05/26/2004