Mt10 24-31 - Cost, Warning & Comfort of Discipleship


Matt. 10:24-31 - Cost, Warning & Comfort of Discipleship Whatever illusions the early disciples may have had about how things were going to go as far as the people of Israel welcoming their Messiah and the beginning of a New Age seems to be giving way to warnings (and words of comfort) about what they will face as his followers. Quite frankly, in that he has been accused of doing his wonders because he is working with Satan, his disciples can expect similar “acceptance.” But what they have “gained” by being his disciples is the care and concern of Someone much more important (and powerful) than the religious leaders or even Satan himself. We are such great concern that every detail of our existence is known and observed by the most powerful being in the universe, the very Creator of everything, cares that much about us. Thus, even though his disciples will not be accepted by those to whom they’ve been sent, they are to be encouraged by knowing that their work is not in vain and that their lives ultimately matter to God. JBB 05/21/2004