Mt8 14-17 - Jesus heals many


Matt. 8:14-17 - Jesus heals many hesus Attribution Some rights reserved by Cindyvee

So Jesus “retires” away from the crowds, staying in Peter’s house. Away from the public eye and the press of the crowds Jesus is still Jesus. So the gospel records, almost as a matter of fact that Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law with the touch of his hand. I find an interesting reciprocal nature to this. He set her free of her illness and then she sets him “free” of the need to prepare a meal. I don’t mean to imply that he wouldn’t have done it regardless of her actions to him, but it follows that our service to others strengthens and adds to the enrichment of all and eventually comes back to us.

Most importantly to Matthew is that all of this, Jesus’ ministry of healing and setting men free was a fulfillment of what was spoken of from the prophets. Also it speaks greatly of what nature of “man” our redeemer and savior is that he would take upon himself our illnesses and diseases. This is a King who comes as a servant and offers himself bodily to us, making all things new, even our health, in him. JBB 04/09/04